Meet the team

Scott is passionate about building a high performing team that delivers exceptional service to candidates and clients alike, taking great pride from the team’s consistently growing reputation for excellence.

  • Scott is a lover of the finer things in life. His two favourite holiday destinations are New York and Dubai, with his favourite buildings in these destinations being the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the Freedom Tower/ Rockefeller in New York.
  • His favourite sporting moment was watching his hometown club Portsmouth win the FA Cup back in 2008. Great memories!
  • Outside of work you’ll usually find Scott watching The Hangover… (over and over again), playing golf off an impressive handicap of 3 and spending time with his young family.


Architecture team


  • Growing up, Mark wanted to be a Sports Journalist following his favourite team, Portsmouth.
  • His greatest sporting achievement was participating in trials to represent Hampshire at Ten Pin Bowling.
  • Asked to name his favourite building of all time, Mark can’t commit to just one; naming Grand Central Terminal and the Chrysler building in Manhattan.

  • Beth regards her Masters degree as her proudest achievement. Whilst at university she also captained the netball team.
  • A skilled competitive dancer, Beth knows her Port de Bras from her pirouette being compared frequently (by herself mainly) to her childhood hero Darcey Bussell.
  • Beth’s favourite musical is the West End stalwart ‘Rent’.

  • Charlotte’s favourite building is Renzo Piano’s The Shard.  Being a little more precise, particularly the bar on level 52!
  • A keep-fit nut, this year Charlotte has completed the Three Peaks Challenge, the Great South Run and came 2nd in the Les Mills Grit Challenge.
  • What did Charlotte want to be as a child? “Nothing in particular, I just wanted to win at everything, every time.” As the most competitive person in the team, some things never change!

  • Kirsty LOVES the Bridget Jones trilogy and the stage show of The Lion King.
  • Her first car was a beat-up Vauxhall Corsa, which survived three weeks before needing to take a trip to the breakers yard in the sky.
  • Kirsty is an enthusiastic and talented artist. Her hand drawing of one of London’s most prominent pieces of architecture, The Gherkin, is her pièce de résistance!

  • An interesting fact about Matt – he has seen the Arctic Monkeys live in 4 separate capital cities across Europe (London, Cardiff, Paris and Berlin). A true fan.
  • Growing up, Matt wanted to be an Animator, studying Computer Animation at Portsmouth University.
  • A classical architecture fan, Matt’s favourite visited city is Rome and favourite building, La Sagrada Familia.

  • The tallest building Shannon has ever been in is SOM’s mighty One Trade Centre in NYC.
  • If you want to get her talking, ask about her pets.  Mum to an “amazingly, gorgeously perfect chihuahua” called Tyson and soon to be arriving English Bulldog called Maggie.
  • Her hidden talent – the ability to perform a ‘rainbow flick’. We had to Google what this means but impressive for sure!

  • Ryan’s favourite Architect of all time is William Van Alen, the designer of the iconic Chrysler building, but the most inspirational people in his life are his parents (aww).
  • The most talented footballer in the Stride team, Ryan represented his county and played for Charlton Athletic as a teen.  He is a Manchester United fan but the less said about that the better!
  • An avid supporter of up and coming bands, you’ll often see Ryan at hipster hangouts exploring the latest unsigned new acts.


Building Services Design team

  • Gareth’s personal proudest moment was joining the Army and serving 10 years in the Royal Army Medical Corps.
  • Interestingly, Gareth has been in 3 earthquakes, all over 4.5 on the Richter Scale. If he invites you on holiday, I would recommend you bring your hard hat!
  • Showing his age somewhat, Gareth’s first car was a 1973 MK1 Ford Escort Sport, which are now being sold on the open market for £30,000. Sadly, Gareth got around £30,000 less than this when he sold up.

  • The sky’s the limit for Nicole, with the tallest building she has been in being the global leader in its field; The Burj Khalifa.
  • Nicole is a proud owner of a black Labrador called Codi.
  • As impressive facts go, this is up there.  Nicole once successfully caught a Piranha in the Amazon! (Rather her than me!)


Civil Engineering, Environmental and Water team

  • A partisan Southampton Football Club fan, if Liam had to name his hero it would of course be ‘Le God’; Matthew Le Tissier.  Often heard ruminating over the Guernsey born footballing genius to anyone who will listen, don’t even think of asking why he didn’t win more silverware if he was that good!
  • Liam is an enthusiastic powerboater and can be found racing up and down the Solent as soon as the sun comes out.
  • His career idol is fellow Portsmouth boy Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the bridge building pioneer.


Construction team

  • A Portsmouth FC season ticket holder, every second Saturday you’ll find Dave cheering on the mighty Blue Army.
  • Dave’s favourite building is the Houses of Parliament. The tallest he has been in is NYC’s Rockefeller.
  • If Dave invites you for dinner, I’d suggest having a snack before you get there as his best cooking achievement is “turning the microwave on!” Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  • Growing up, Charlie wanted to be PE teacher. After finishing her degree, she did a year’s volunteering in a secondary school but fortunately for us opted for a career in recruitment.
  • Her greatest sporting achievement was achieving a gold medal in the 50m Butterfly at the Development Swimming Championships.
  • The only thing that works harder than Charlie is her passport.  She loves to travel with 32 different countries ticked off her wish list so far.  Her favourite? “Australia, without a doubt!”

  • The tallest building James has been in/on is the Eiffel Tower.
  • James is a keen weightlifter but can also be found playing tennis doubles with Olympic medal winner Kriss Akabusi.
  • James’ proudest moment was the birth of his daughter.

  • An impressive cook, Jason grew up wanting to be a top chef and cites working with Marco Pierre White in a two Michelin star restaurant on his C.V.
  • With by far the most interesting pets on the team, Jason will frequently have the team mesmerised by the unusual live food deliveries for his poison dart frogs, ’Dendrobates tinctorius azureus’.
  • Jason’s favourite building is the stunning Sistine Chapel in Rome.

  • Rob’s favourite building is Grimshaw’s Eden Project in Cornwall.
  • A passionate Arsenal fan, the most memorable sporting event he attended was when Thierry Henry received a standing ovation from the opposing Portsmouth fans following a 5-1 victory.
  • Rob has a mini farm at home with tropical fish, 2 tortoises and a cat.

  • A former English language teacher, Rob has an unhealthy obsession with people’s lexicons and grammar so imagine the pressure in writing his bio!
  • Rob’s favourite building is El Monesterio de San Lorenzo El Escorial – a beautiful and stunning monastery, palace and cathedral just outside of Madrid where Spain’s Kings and Queens are laid to rest.
  • Rob’s greatest sporting achievement is playing roller hockey in the Men’s European Club Championship (as English Champions) in Brussels or representing the South of England and winning the England Inter-Regional Championship (also roller hockey).

  • Sophie represented the South of England for athletics throughout her teen years in the 100m sprint and she had the honour of watching Usain Bolt’s final race at the recent World Championship. Rumour has it, he calls her often for technique tips!
  • Sophie was scouted to be in Brighton fashion week and was the face of a major hairdressing brand.
  • Sophie is a talented face painter but not such a good cook, admitting that she once burned baked beans. She wasn’t sure when they would be ready as most foods change colour when cooked!

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